Spring Festival appearance: new clothes are not enough, colorful sunglasses come together!

u003cbru003eSeeing that the Spring Festival holiday is getting closer and closer, New Year's greetings, partying, parties, traveling... all kinds of 'meeting parties' are about to test not only social skills, but also your clothing, in addition to new clothes and shoes , You also need sunglasses that can be shaped like a concave. Papajun recommends the following four new products, which will make you beautiful/handsome and all-match for the Chinese New Year. California 71413. During the Spring Festival, in addition to visiting relatives, girlfriends shopping, friends gatherings are also Big events on the schedule. Compared with the festive red of the Spring Festival, the insurance of black, white and gray, and the embellishment of color sunglasses can make you more vibrant and fashionable in the circle of friends of the same age. The California model is based on the double-beam wavy pear sunglasses that were popular in the 1980s. The traditional oval lens is improved to increase the sense of edges and corners, which is suitable for all face shapes. Because of its practicality, the California model has also become a trendy tool for celebrity street shooting. From the post-80s goddess Zhu Yin to the 'Ode to Joy' Xiaohua Qiao Xin, California models of different ages, different temperaments, and different face shapes can be perfectly held. There is no 'black super' high coldness, and the eyes exposed through light-colored lenses, even with OL style clothing, also have a super high fashion affinity. The avant-garde coolness 73407 theme party, street sports, fashion dance party... young and trendy atmosphere is full of holiday life. For the vigorous youngsters, an avant-garde fashion sunglasses can inject more energy into the winter look. 73407 super flat lenses, planet rivets and other elements, avant-garde fashion, full of futuristic sense. A variety of vibrant colors, matched with casual styles, are more modern and cool. Recommended reading: How about the 2018 popular Bottega Veneta sunglasses? Light luxury butterfly 71404. Participate in dinner parties, parties, fashion weeks or music festivals. In addition to gorgeous dresses and small black dresses, you may wish to use an OVERSIZE light butterfly sunglasses to add fashion Aura. The small castings on both sides of the frame form a modern contrast with the red-tone frame. The design details, combined with the popular light translucent lenses, create the fashionable queen of PARTY. Aviator 71407 Classic Aviator has always been the preference for sunglasses control. The 71407's large frame design can be called a face-covering artifact, showing the atmosphere. The metal wire is inlaid on the frame surface to enhance the texture, and at the same time, it has a higher fashion recognition and demonstrates the small personality. Equipped with light gold and bronze gray colors, classic and fashion go together. Which one of the above is more CP with your new clothes? Welcome to share with Paipijun in the comment area, and give away 1 star style~ New Year’s Day benefits from now until 2018.1.28. Copy this information ¥mDPX0O06t3B¥ and open your hands. Enter the Paramount Tmall Lunar New Year Festival, get more discounts on the new styles above~ Related reading: 2018 Fashion Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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