Sunglasses are also important accessories in winter

u003cbru003eWhen we talk about sunglasses, we usually think of summer, sun and beach first. However, even in winter, you should carry your sunnies with you, because UV radiation will not be ignored during this time of the year. The clear winter air may exacerbate UV pollution, and snow will also reflect it. Especially winter sports enthusiasts need to be careful when in high places. If you don't protect your eyes properly, conjunctivitis may occur. Do you need special sunglasses in winter? In winter, just make sure that your sunglasses are of high quality and provide adequate UV protection. Brown or gray lenses will be the most suitable because they will not overly distort your color perception. Recommended reading: What color sunglasses are good for polarized sunglasses. For drivers, when the wet streets reflect sunlight, winter will be particularly challenging. At this time, you'd better wear polarized lenses. Because polarized lenses can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also block glare, it is the best choice for drivers. Related Reading: Sunglasses Color Sunglasses Polarized
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