The four 'most' sunglasses in the fashion circle can't be ignored!

u003cbru003eSunglasses have long been firmly seated on the throne of fashion accessories. In recent years, the styles and styles of various sunglasses can be described as rivals! Today I will give you an inventory of the four 'most' sunglasses in the fashion circle: the most retro and the most beautiful , The most domineering, the latest trend. 1. The most retro: round 'Puyi Mirror' YC3026 Unisex Sunglasses C02 Black Gold/Colorful Blue Lenses The retro trend in the fashion industry can never go away. Glasses, this seemingly dispensable accessory, also has a strong retro flavor. The easiest to recognize is the 'Pu Yi mirror' with round lenses. Seeing it, one can't help but think of the peculiar respect of the young masters and ladies in the late Qing Dynasty. It is undeniable that Prada, Gucci, and Wu Jigang have recently launched retro series, which is to carry out certain improved designs of Puyi mirrors and add fashion elements, such as matching color frames, or adding a wire connection between two lenses. Or copy it intact, in any case, carry the retro style to the end. 2. The most gorgeous: rimmed glasses accompanied by flowers If retro round sunglasses are simple style, then some new big-name glasses are making a fuss in the gorgeous and complex style. For example, Dquadratic and Du0026G's autumn and winter sunglasses launched this year have put a lot of effort in trimming. Decorate the frame with baroque golden three-dimensional flowers, or add shiny diamonds or gold borders to the edge of the frame to highlight the gorgeous personality. Another kind of beauty comes from the way of simplifying the complex. Lightweight, durable, and comfortable enough to protect your eyes from the scorching sun, these seemingly essential elements are not available in all sunglasses. Make full use of scientific and technological materials, without screw hinges, which can give people a comfortable feeling, but the simple style can bring out personal characteristics. Generally speaking, this is the unique beauty of sports sunglasses. 3. The most domineering: the simple and generous flying sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3025 men's sunglasses 112/P9 gold/colorful green film. In the past, the American blockbuster 'High Aspirations' not only became popular with Tom, the 'toad' worn by the American combat pilot 'Mirror' also caught fire. It is undeniable that, even though the styles of sunglasses have emerged one after another, flying sunglasses are still classic and popular. For men, flying sunglasses are like a transforming weapon for a sportsman. What they want is the prestige and handsomeness of a pilot. It has a completely different style from the popular tortoiseshell glasses. Flying sunglasses embodies a simple domineering, light yet styling, and a bit of crispness in the chic. 4. The latest trend: pull-style magical sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4257-F ladies sunglasses 6092/3R/tortoiseshell/colorful green lens If you think that the lenses of the sunglasses are all the same, then you are out. Fun and fashionable kawaii graffiti lenses have recently attracted strong attention from fashionistas, and they have become one of the must-haves for many trendy parties. Take Glasiz, a sunglasses brand from Miami, USA as an example, designing sunglasses with a subversive and innovative concept. Whatever the trend is, the creators of Glasiz take this as the creative direction and follow the trendy route. Even many celebrities love to wear them for 'runningRelated Reading: Sunglasses Retro Sunglasses Brand
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