Wearing sunglasses reasonably can prevent blinding eye disease

u003cbru003eIntroduction: Recently, Ray Ban, the world's No. 1 selling sunglasses and optical glasses brand, and Peking University Ophthalmology Center held a 'Frontier Research Media Meeting' and released the results of a research project on blue light damage and protection conducted by both parties , To celebrate the breakthrough progress made in the frontier research of lenses. The special scientific research project between Ray-Ban and Peking University Ophthalmology Center was launched on June 6, 2009 on National Eyes Day. It lasted for 6 months and was led by the Peking University Ophthalmology Center. Ray-Ban provided Ru0026D funding support and lens materials, and Ray-Ban lenses As one of the main subjects of the research, we used the leading visual behavior research of Peking University Eye Center to comparatively analyze the damage of blue light to the retina and discuss how to protect against blue light damage. Blue light with a wavelength of 450 nm -495nm is the energetic part of the visible light spectrum. Long-term exposure to blue light will cause degenerative changes in the retina. In the field of clinical medicine, it is reflected in many ophthalmic-related diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is also one of the major blinding eye diseases in the world. Conventional sunglasses generally can only filter 96%-98% of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 280nm-400nm. And this time through the effective verification of the test, the Ray-Ban lenses participating in the test have a blue light transmittance of less than 15% at a wavelength of 470nm. Further through the visual behavioral research and comparison of the test object, after simulating blue light damage, the Ray-Ban lens has an excellent retinal protection effect on the test object. At the same time, Ray-Ban lenses effectively filter blue light and ultraviolet rays, while also maximizing the true color of the object, ensuring that the wearer has a clearer vision. The main leaders of this scientific research project, Professor Zhang Chun, Professor of Peking University Eye Center and Director of Scientific Research Department of Peking University Third Hospital, and Dr. Chen Xiaoyong of Peking University Third Hospital introduced the research details of the research project in detail at the media meeting. Professor Zhang Chun said: 'Peking University Eye Center shoulders the mission of scientific research and innovation in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases. This time I am very pleased to cooperate with the world's leading eyewear brand Ray-Ban to conduct in-depth research on blue light damage and protection. Correct Eye protection can effectively prevent and avoid many blinding diseases including macular degeneration and cataracts. The simple way is to wear qualified sunglasses daily and pay attention to UV protection. Peking University Eye Center and Peking University Third Hospital have more With a leading scientific research platform and excellent domestic advanced equipment, we will be committed to contributing to the protection of people’s eye health with new technologies and scientific research methods for a long time. At the same time, we also express to Lei Peng, a company that has the courage to innovate and has a sense of social responsibility. Thank you.”  This is the first time that the Ray-Ban brand has joined forces with Chinese scientists to conduct a scientific research project. Ray-Ban also hopes to encourage innovative lens technology through the support of Chinese scientific research institutions and research on related protection technologies, and to promote and popularize UV u200bu200bprotection among the Chinese public. And eye health awareness.
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