What is the effect of wearing polarized sunglasses?

u003cbru003eThe arrival of summer, facing the hot sun, polarized sunglasses have become a must-have daily necessities for many people. Wearing sunglasses for outdoor driving, fishing, golf, mountaineering, skiing, sightseeing, etc. can not only protect the glasses from ultraviolet radiation, but also add brilliance to your own image and temperament. So what is the effect of wearing polarized sunglasses? Recommended reading: What color sunglasses is better for driving? YC9703 Ladies Sunglasses The editor below will talk about the characteristics of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have the function of ordinary sunglasses + polarized light. Polarized light is to filter out glare. This is distinguished from the angle of light emission. Glare, refers to not all glare, refers to the light that affects vision, and has nothing to do with harmful and harmless ultraviolet rays! Night headlights Glare, that is glare, not glare, look directly at the sun at noon, it is also glare not glare; when fishing, you can’t see the fish floats because the water will reflect disorderly light from various angles, that’s glare, ride in the car in summer Or when driving a car to see the road is white, it is also glare, but the road can be seen clearly when the car is close. That is because we changed the angle, the glare is naturally less, so we can see it clearly! It rained in summer and the sun After coming out, the leaves are full of light, which makes it difficult to see the leaves, which is also glare! A more popular way of saying is, 'That thing cannot be seen clearly because it reflects light, so the polarizer uses the principle of blinds, so that the eyes can follow the blinds. See the light that needs to be seen in the direction of the direction, filter out the light from all angles, so that the vision can be clear. Related reading: Sunglasses, polarized lenses, sunglasses
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