What is the price of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses

u003cbru003eTyrannosaurus sunglasses adhering to the design concept of 'enjoy the eye-catching\'Quality first' innovative style. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses not only have an official website, but also many online shopping platforms have their own shops. So what is the price of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses in general? MEN'S SUNGLASSESBOLON men's sunglasses, adhering to its ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship and aesthetics, fusion of bold innovation And the ingenious design makes men full of elegant style and extraordinary style. The price is 698 yuan, 798 yuan, 1180 yuan, 1580 yuan. WOMEN'S SUNGLASSES this season's BOLON women's sunglasses, the design is inspired by the blend of Hollywood's 50s VINTAGE image and Los Angeles modern culture, and is interpreted by ANNE HATHAWAY, which outlines women's modern modern, elegant and stylish style. The price is 698 yuan, 798 yuan, 1180 yuan, 1580 yuan. u003cbru003eTyrannosaurus sunglasses, full of modern elegance u003cbru003eTyrannosaurus sunglasses is a well-known brand of sunglasses in China. Although the name Tyrannosaurus may seem domineering, the products are modern and elegant. Tyrannosaurus glasses always maintain the most elegant style and taste in innovation, highlighting the eye-catching and charming temperament and individual charm. The products of BOLON include adult sunglasses, adult optical glasses and children's sunglasses. Tyrannosaurus sunglasses draw on diverse design inspirations and careful tailoring to tailor high-quality glasses for consumers to suit their own face shape and style. Tyrannosaurus ladies sunglasses combine contemporary art design with delicate craftsmanship to create a good visual matching effect. Tyrannosaurus men's sunglasses are made of flexible and elastic materials, simple lines, and a comfortable arc structure, which fits the facial lines and creates a comfortable wearing feeling. Tyrannosaurus optical mirror pays great attention to the fit, balance and comfort of the details of the craftsmanship. Each pair of BOLON optics incorporates different delicate designs to meet the wearing needs of consumers on different occasions. Tyrannosaurus KIDS series, with the concept of 'future youThe popularity of Tyrannosaurus glasses is relatively high, so there are 'pirated editions' on the market, so how should we distinguish the authenticity of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses? 1. Check the tag Tyrannosaurus sunglasses bolon All products are equipped with inseparable tags, tags There will be a lot of useful information about sunglasses, including the place of origin, function, anti-purple index, whether it is polarized, etc., which can be checked and verified through the tag. The general fake product tag generally does not meet the standard, and it is impossible to be so detailed. . 2. Identification label Each pair of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses has an anti-counterfeiting label on the temple, and an anti-counterfeiting graphic on the label. When looking straight from the top of the graphic, you can see the gray-black Bolon on the upper part of the graphic, and the lower half The part has only complicated patterns and no text; the correction is regarded as a side view, the upper part of the anti-counterfeiting graphics darkens the color of Bolon and becomes black, and the hidden Bolon appears in the lower part of the pattern. If the anti-counterfeiting label pattern does not change above, all are fake Tyrannosaurus sunglasses. 3. Check the anti-counterfeiting code. If you can’t determine whether the Tyrannosaurus sunglasses you bought in the first two steps are genuine, then there is the last ultimate verification method: every pair of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses has its own anti-counterfeiting number and identification number. After opening the anti-counterfeiting label attached to the temple, call the anti-counterfeiting hotline 400-885-8586. According to the voice prompt, enter the 12-digit anti-counterfeiting code on the temple to check the authenticity. In this step, it is impossible for any manufacturer to fake it.
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