What parameters need to be considered when buying sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe most important thing to buy sunglasses, isn’t it the style? The editor thought the same before writing this article. Everyone should think that when pairing myopia glasses or presbyopic glasses, the quality of the lenses needs to be considered, so it is relatively troublesome. Sunglasses are not needed. Most people who choose sunglasses don't think of matching myopia glasses, but buy the ones that look good. In fact, we also need to consider many parameters when buying sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB4221-F Men's Sunglasses 6167/6Q Red 1. The lens lens should be flat and the transparency should be high. lenses are made of glass and resin, and good sunglasses should use polarized lenses. It is made of synthetic resin that is as lightweight and precise as contact lenses. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful ultraviolet rays, and have the functions of anti-shatter and anti-wear. They are popular sunglasses. 2. Packaging Observe whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, or streaks. Check the outer packaging of the sunglasses. Regular sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name and trademark. Sunglasses with UVA, UVB and CE logos can ensure a certain level of UV protection. Third, the color depends on the shade of the sunglasses. The simple self-test method is to wear sunglasses in front of the mirror, so that you can see your pupils as the limit. If the color is too light, the filtering effect is too small; if the color is too dark, it affects vision and weakens the color perception. 4. Interpupillary distance When buying sunglasses, try to see if you feel dizzy or headache. Nowadays, there are some myopia sunglasses for sale on the market, but because the interpupillary distance and other indicators vary from person to person, consumers should not choose this kind of sunglasses without professional guidance. Ray-Ban RB3532 men's sunglasses 001/68 gold or more are the main aspects of sunglasses purchase. What if we wear inferior sunglasses? The consequences are very serious! Some sunglasses lenses that do not meet the standard may have excessive diopter or the lens surface is not smooth, convex and prismatic interface, and even bubbles. When the eyes look at external objects, they will be distorted and deformed, making the eyeballs sore, causing nausea, loss of appetite, forgetfulness, insomnia and other symptoms of visual fatigue. Wearing for a long time can easily lead to eye diseases such as vision loss and myopia. Some low-quality sunglasses cannot block the penetration of ultraviolet rays, and the transmittance of the lenses is severely low. The eyes look like in a dark room, causing the pupils to enlarge, and the residual ultraviolet rays will be injected into the eyes in large quantities, which will damage the eyes and cause sunlight. Keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, macular degeneration of the fundus and other diseases. The above is the compilation and editing of the editor. For more information about sunglasses, please go to view. Website: https://www.yichao.cn/ In addition, there are a variety of sunglasses to choose from, with high quality and low price! Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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