When driving with sunglasses, pay attention to 4 points, otherwise you will regret it.

u003cbru003eDriving in summer, it is inevitable to wear sunglasses to block the glare of the sun. However, there are many accidents on highways related to the incorrect use of sunglasses by drivers, especially when entering and exiting tunnels because they cannot adapt to all of a sudden. Recommended reading: Hey! Do you really know how to wear sunglasses while driving? Pay special attention to the four major misunderstandings. The high-speed traffic police introduced that accidents with sunglasses occurred continuously, mostly from noon to three or four in the afternoon. Affected by direct sunlight, the driver would feel completely dark after entering the tunnel. In addition, he was unable to concentrate and the vehicle was traveling too fast. , Improper operation is prone to accidents. Traffic Police Weapon: Before entering the tunnel, remember to turn on the headlights, remove your sunglasses, and slow down. The sun was dazzling without sunglasses, and four cars were rear-ended with a sudden brake. Traffic Police Weapon: Take off your sunglasses when entering the tunnel, and remember to wear them when the sun is strong when you exit the tunnel. If you don’t have sunglasses, you might as well blink your eyes a few more times to adjust yourself to the sudden glare. A small pair of sunglasses can cause accidents if worn incorrectly. This detail is usually not noticed by many people. So, how to choose sunglasses when driving is conducive to driving safety? According to Mr. Mei Yidan, a national optometrist, drivers who choose sunglasses (sunglasses) in summer are very particular about color and material selection. Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color, the better. Many people take it for granted that the darker the color, the better the UV protection. In fact, the function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film, and the darker the better. Especially for long-distance drivers, if they wear sunglasses that are too dark, their eyes are more prone to fatigue, and it is more dangerous to enter tunnels and other places with sudden darkness under strong sunlight. Misunderstanding 2: Polarized lenses are the most comfortable. Many drivers like to wear polarized lenses, which are sunglasses that can effectively filter out glare. Glare can cause discomfort and fatigue to the human eyes, and affect the clarity of vision, so many drivers feel that wearing polarized lenses is the most comfortable for their eyes. Mr. Mei reminded that polarized lenses are actually more suitable for fishing, skiing or water sports. In particular, the cheap polarizers can deform when looking through the windshield of a car, which is more likely to cause accidents. 'If you must wear a polarized lens, you must choose a good quality optical lens. A polarized lens of tens of yuan can not be worn when driving.' If the driver likes the anti-glare comfort of the polarized lens, Mr. Mei recommends mercury film lenses: 'Some Stars will wear this kind of glasses, which look like mirrors and have strong anti-glare function, suitable for driving.” Misunderstanding 3: Do not wear myopia Some drivers are slightly short-sighted, usually driving without myopia is no problem. But once you put on the sunglasses, the problem comes: the eyes are more fatigued, and the vision will decrease, just like the vision will be affected when driving at night. Therefore, drivers with slight myopia usually have no problem driving. If they want to wear sunglasses, they must be equipped with myopia lenses. Misunderstanding 4: Colorful young people who pursue fashion and fashion will have sunglasses in various colors to match their clothes. Mr. Mei reminded that many beautiful colors of sunglasses can be worn when playing, but not suitable for driving. He also introduced the lenses of different colors in detail: For example, Zhejiang is the most suitable for wearing gray lenses, because gray can blend into various spectrums and will not change the basic color spectrum. The second is dark green. Brown and yellow lenses have the effect of improving brightness, and are more suitable for foggy and dusty cities such as Chongqing and Beijing. In Hangzhou, wearing sunglasses of this type is prone to glare, which is not suitable. The pink and purple lenses that many girls like will change the color and spectrum and should not be worn when driving. Related reading: high-end sunglasses sunglasses
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