Which sunglasses to choose for which face shape?


Now summer is here. Naturally, I want to say summer wear. In addition to the basic short T and skirt, I have to say that it is our summer concave shape artifact-sunglasses! Sunglasses are really a good thing, not only for shading and eye protection, but also for showing a small face. The stinky and concave shape is even more important. Bring a pair of sunglasses, even if you just wear white and black pants the easiest way to get out of the street, you can also increase your fashion by 90%! Yes, today is the stage of sunglasses, please start your performance! Sunglasses are a good item, there is no doubt about it! So, the question is: So many sunglasses, which one is best for me? Recommended reading: The four popular sunglasses in 2018 are here. Different face shapes naturally have to choose different sunglasses! Generally, we Asian faces are divided into five types: round face, square face, long face, heart-shaped face, and melon seed face. A round face is the baby face we have been talking about. The cheekbones and chin are relatively round, the boundary is not obvious, and the chin is similar to an arc. Compared with the small round sunglasses, the round face star is more suitable for some square and angular sunglasses, which can neutralize the line of the chin and make the face look more contoured. For people with round faces, black square sunglasses are always the best choice. Black has its own sense of luxury, plus sexy shoulders, revealing the neck line and collarbone, and even the face has become fascinating. Who said that a round face can't be cool? Yellow lenses may be a little exaggerated when they go out on the street, but there is nothing wrong with beauty! A pair of sunglasses will give you a stronger sense of styling, and the return rate is guaranteed to double, and you will get rid of the sense of passersby at once. Compared with a round face, a square face is too angular. Generally, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and mandible of a square face are about the same. In addition to the square cheekbones, the chin is not prominent, which is also very common in the crowd. A face shape. There may be many fairies who don't like being called square faces, but in fact, this chiseled face is very popular in European and American entertainment circles, especially supermodels on various shows. A square face is not suitable for sunglasses that are too round or too square. If the sunglasses are square, it will make people feel that the face is very fierce. Because the mandible is more prominent, traveler sunglasses with a square in the circle are very suitable for square faces. The relatively sleek aviator sunglasses are also the best assistant for soft and hard facial lines. Even without makeup, it is enough to give you extra points. Yellow aviator sunglasses and blue shirt are very popular recently. The large area of u200bu200bblue and the small area of u200bu200byellow embellishment are visually bright and impact, very suitable for summer. Like the square face, the cheekbones of the long face are more prominent, and the entire face is also very angular, but in comparison, the length of the entire face is slightly longer, which makes the entire face too narrow visually. It’s actually very simple for a star with a long face to choose sunglasses, as long as the face is narrow, the problem can be solved. Fairies can choose sunglasses that stretch their facial lines horizontally, such as traveler sunglasses with wider upper and lower sides. Thicker temples can also reduce the slenderness of the face. Traveler sunglasses are definitely a good first aid medicine to make the face plump and round in one second. Oversize round frame sunglasses can also make the face look rounder. The enlarged frame visually fills in the width of the face and neutralizes the line of the chin. And he appears younger and more punk, and he is also very foreign. The heart-shaped face should be one of the favorite faces of Asians. The jaw line is obvious, the apple muscle is full, and the chin is tilted forward. It looks absolutely girlish, harmless to humans and animals. The heart-shaped face is very beautiful and greasy, but when choosing sunglasses, you must avoid 'top-heavyThe upper and lower angular aviator sunglasses can be used to balance the roundness of the chin of the heart-shaped face, increase the sense of facial lines, and visually make the face fuller. However, it should be noted that girls with a low nose bridge should remember to choose a style with nose pads, which will make the facial lines more upright. That's all about sunglasses today. I have confirmed that I am a fashionable person. Use sunglasses to enhance your fashion outfit!
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