Which textures can I choose for myopia polarized sunglasses?

u003cbru003eChoosing a pair of lightweight and sturdy sunglasses will surely protect your eyes in the scorching summer and add to your fashion style. So what kind of glasses should we choose? Recommended reading: Three essential sunglasses lens materials for taking photos: Resin: PC lenses and ordinary resin lenses are common in resin. PC lenses: PC is polycarbonate. The density of polycarbonate is 57% lighter than glass lenses and 37% lighter than ordinary resin lenses; its toughness is very strong and it is not easy to break, which is very suitable for active children and sports people. Coupled with its high refractive index, PC lenses can be made very thin. In addition, the PC lens itself has the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays. It does not need to be coated like glass to prevent 100% of ultraviolet rays. However, PC lenses also have shortcomings. Because their strength is not as good as glass, they are not wear-resistant and require a film to ensure long-term use; and the texture is softer than glass, and it is easily deformed under stress. It is not suitable for plastic frames and rimless frames. The high refractive index also causes its Abbe number to be low (usually around 32), and the dispersion is relatively large. CR-39 lens: Ordinary resin lens generally refers to the CR-39 resin lens in the United States. The Abbe number is relatively high, the dispersion is relatively small, and the density is slightly higher than that of PC, but it is still much lighter than glass, and it is not easy to break. Even if it is broken, it will not produce sharp sharp corners. The refractive index is relatively low, generally around 1.5, so the lens is relatively thick. Glass lens: Glass lens is the first spectacle lens used. Its texture is relatively hard, not easy to deform, and it is not easy to change color. Compared with PC and resin, it is not easy to scratch. The refractive index of glass can be changed by adding different substances. The refractive index of the glass lens is about 1.523. The disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy, almost twice as heavy as the resin lens, and it is fragile. Once broken, it is easy to scratch the eyes, so now there are very few glass lenses, and resin lenses are all used. MR lens: MR lens is a high refractive index lens material with the most balanced performance indicators, especially suitable for the production of glasses. The lens is light and thin, with clear vision, high pressure resistance, and the lens is not easy to be damaged. The most important thing is that it is not easy to turn yellow compared with ordinary lenses. It is clear and bright for a long time and has very good corrosion resistance. Nylon lens: Nylon lens should be considered a relatively new technology. It has the physical strength close to PC and the optical performance of CR39, and it is light in weight. It is an ideal material at present, but the price is higher than that of PC. Lens film: No matter what kind of lens is there will be shortcomings, and in order to improve the optical characteristics of the lens, it is necessary to coat the lens. According to the function of the film, the common ones are hardened film, anti-fouling film, polarizing film, anti-UV film and multi-layer film composed of various films. From the color, there are mainly green, blue, red and green colors. There is no specific correspondence between the color of the film and the function of the film, so there is no need to care about the color of the film. Blue is a cool color, red is a warm color, and green is a neutral color. Therefore, in general, people are psychologically more comfortable with green film, and green film lenses are relatively comfortable (and only from a psychological point of view) Say). Hard coat is also called wear-resistant film, which reduces the degree of scratches on the lens. Generally speaking, glass lenses can not be coated with hard coat, but resin lenses must be coated with hard coat. The anti-fouling film can not only reduce the stains on the mirror surface, but also prevent pollution such as waterproof, anti-fog, dustproof and so on. There is also a kind of film called 'back-coated AR anti-reflective filmReduce the reflection caused by the light entering from the back of the glasses, let the light pass from the back of the mirror to the front of the mirror, reduce the interference of reflection on the eyes, greatly improve the visual clarity, and the wearing effect is significant. Although some films can harden the surface of the lens, they are still very delicate, so be careful during use. Moreover, any film has a service life, and the damage of the lens film is basically equivalent to the scrap of the lens. UVUV is ultraviolet light. UV protection is a necessary function of sunglasses. It has nothing to do with the color and light transmittance of the lens. It is usually achieved by coating, usually in the following three explicit ways. Mark 'UV400': it means that the lens can block ultraviolet and visible light with a wavelength below 400nm; as long as the ultraviolet light passing through the lens is less than 2%, it is considered qualified. Mark 'UV' and 'UV protection': it means that the lens can block ultraviolet rays below 380nm; as long as the ultraviolet rays passing through the lens are less than 2%, it is considered qualified. ; Mark '100% UV absorption': it means that the lens has the function of 100% absorption of ultraviolet rays; but in fact, the ultraviolet rays passing through the lens are less than 0.5%, and it is considered qualified.
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